About the Chief Justice

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Minnesota Roots

Lorie Gildea's roots are in Plummer, Minnesota where she spent her childhood. Growing up in a town where the population was 292 taught her about the importance of neighbors and community and the need to give back to your community.  The Chief learned about leadership from her mother, who was the only woman serving on the School Board when Lorie was in high school.  Her father taught her about service to others in his many years as a volunteer firefighter.

Chief Justice Gildea still holds to the strong values she learned in Plummer, dedication to community service, hard work and common sense. The values have inspired her throughout her career in the law.


Chief Justice Gildea has a long history with the University of Minnesota and is an avid Gopher fan.  She graduated from the University of Minnesota Morris and then returned some years later to the University of Minnesota as Associate General Counsel. Lorie knows the University from both sides.

Lorie is still an active Golden Gophers fan. She and her husband Andy have been season ticket holders to the Gopher women’s volleyball, softball and hockey games. The Chief also initiated the travelling trophy for the rivalry between the Gopher women’s hockey team and the UMD women’s hockey team.


Lorie Gildea's values have been more than evident in her long years of dedication to horses. Her hard work and achievement started at a young age when she spent long hours training her Shetland pony, Carmel. The future-Chief Justice and Carmel were strong 4-H competitors, earning championships.

Lorie’s love of horses and riding is still an important part of her life. She is an avid member of the National Reining Horse Association and shows with her steed, Goldy, in competitions in the north central area.

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